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Electric Wire, Episode 19: Deconstructing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Madison, WI – The latest episode of the Electric Wire podcast features Denise Bode, Partner at Michael Best Strategies, and Senior Partner, Michael Best & Friedrich LLC, deconstructing the energy provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) and the Build Back Better plan working its way through Congress. Denise leads the federal policy practice at Michael […]

New Podcast Episode: Thinking Outside the Landfill: Solar Panel Recycling

Madison, WI – Not only is the energy produced by solar panels clean, but cutting-edge recycling technology makes them fully sustainable as well. On the latest episode of The Electric Wire podcast, host and Executive Director of the Customers First! Coalition, Kristin Gilkes, is joined by Chris Stearns, National Sales Director at Cascade Eco Minerals, to discuss […]


Madison, WI – The Electric Wire podcast, a production of the Customers First! Coalition, debuted in February 2020 as a way to keep listeners informed on Wisconsin energy and utility issues, and we thought it was time to take a look back on some of our favorite moments from the past year and a half […]

New Podcast Episode: Hot Take: Community Solar

Madison, WI – The latest episode of the Electric Wire podcast is a “hot take” episode, where we’ve conducted four separate mini-interviews, about 5-6 minutes each, to talk about community solar in Wisconsin. Back in 2017, the Customers First! Coalition put together a whitepaper about the community solar projects and models that fit within the regulatory […]

New Podcast Episode: Energy Assistance During the Pandemic

Madison, WI – The latest episode of the Electric Wire Podcast will help listeners better understand how energy assistance is administered, how pandemic-related funding is being distributed, and what resources are available to in-need households as Wisconsin’s moratorium on disconnecting electric customers for non-payment comes to an end on April 15. The Electric Wire Podcast is […]

New Podcast Episode: Regulation, Reliability…and Texas

Madison, WI – Widespread power outages and skyrocketing customer bills due to a frigid February freeze in Texas are raising questions about the way the state regulates power providers. We brought in a panel of experts to weigh in on questions about regulation, reliability, and what went wrong in Texas. Our panel includes: John Carr, […]