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Electric Wire, Episode 3 – Wisconsin’s Energy Leaders

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Chairperson Rebecca Valcq and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes join Kristin Gilkes and co-host Bob Stone of the IBEW 2150 to discuss Wisconsin’s carbon reduction goals, the Governor’s Climate Change Task Force, and the appointment of Wisconsin’s newest PSC Commissioner.

Interview with Chairperson Valcq begins at Minute 9:40.

Interview with Lt. Governor Barnes begins at Minute 27:00.

Electric Wire, Episode 2, EV Road Trip!

Get ready for your next EV road trip by downloading our latest podcast episode!

Customers First! Coalition Executive Director Kristin Gilkes and RENEW Wisconsin’s Jane McCurry co-host this special episode all about electric vehicles (EVs) and EV policies. Gilkes and McCurry share personal and nostalgic experiences as EV drivers, and discuss some of the advantages of choosing electric transportation. They also discuss current topics such as battery recycling and mining.

Later, they’re joined by a panel of EV policy experts including Corey Singletary, Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin; Debbie Branson, Madison Gas & Electric; and Deb Erwin, Xcel Energy, to discuss EV rates and utility issues, including how EVs can ultimately benefit all utility customers. Finally, we have added an extended interview with Deb Erwin from Xcel Energy to delve more deeply into the company’s efforts to study fleet savings that can result from electric vehicle conversion and an EV Roadmap for the City of Eau Claire.

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Electric Wire, Episode 1 – The Rise of Solar

The first episode of the Electric Wire is out now! Tune in at the link below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Electric Wire wherever you listen to podcasts so you don’t miss an episode! The first episode is hosted by CFC Executive Director, Kristin Gilkes, and Matt Spencer, Government Affairs Manager at Madison Gas & Electric. The Energy Innovation Podcast Series will take the place of one of our breakfast events this year, but we’ll still be hosting a big annual Power Lunch in April! Registration information for our April Power Lunch can be found on the CFC Events Page.

The Electric Wire Podcast

The Electric Wire Podcast is kicking off with a six-part Energy Innovation Series, where we will interview guests from the Wisconsin energy and utility industry about the topics of solar, electric vehicles, energy storage, microgrids, wind, and smart buildings.

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