CFC Press Release – New Podcast Episode Features Discussion on Utility Regulation and Protecting Customers

MADISON, Wis. – Utility regulation is the topic of a new podcast released by the Customers First! Coalition, a Madison-based organization with the goal of safeguarding affordable and reliable electricity for all Wisconsin electric customers.

The ninth episode of The Electric Wire podcast features interviews with Commissioner Ellen Nowak of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and Bill Malcolm of AARP to discuss topics related to utility regulation such as retail choice, performance-based ratemaking, and protecting customers. Listen to the episode online here:

The Customers First! Coalition was founded over twenty years ago to ensure that any restructuring of the electric utility industry would benefit customers, safeguard reliability, protect the environment, and enable customers in Wisconsin to receive affordable service at stable prices. Thankfully, Wisconsin rejected efforts to restructure or move to a “retail choice” model adopted by several states.

“Wisconsin’s regulatory model protects utility customers,” according to Kristin Gilkes, Executive Director of the Customers First! Coalition. “It doesn’t take much to find examples of massive overpayments to alternative suppliers and serious consumer protection issues in retail choice states such as Illinois.

“Our latest podcast features in-depth conversations about the benefits of Wisconsin’s effective regulation and the consequences for customers under alternative retail choice models.”

The Electric Wire podcast is a production of the Customers First! Coalition. Listeners can download the episode and subscribe to The Electric Wire on all major podcast channels or listen on You Tube here: