Energy 2050 Power Lunch

2050 – it’s the year that states and utilities are using to set goals for our energy future. But what will the world really look like when today’s kindergartners are 36 years old and sending their own kids to school?

We’ll address that question and so much more at our Energy 2050 Power Lunch, when the Customers First! Coalition hosts one of the world’s leading futurists, Rebecca Ryan.  Ms. Ryan’s opening keynote will take us inside Fortune 1000 companies, med-tech, the U.S. Military, and NATO to see what futures are emerging, the role of utilities in enabling or disabling them, and what those futures teach us about how to prepare for 2050.

After the keynote, Ms. Ryan will sit down with industry executives for a can’t-miss panel about carbon reduction, affordable electricity, and their bets for the world in 2050.

Energy 2050 Power Lunch Agenda
August 27, 2019 – Madison Concourse Hotel
1 W Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53703

11:00 am – Registration and Networking
11:45 am – Lunch Seating, Welcome, and Keynote
12:45 pm – Break
1:00 pm – Industry Executives Panel
2:00 pm – Event Concludes