New Energy for an Old Coal Plant: Inside the Beloit College Powerhouse with Dan Schooff

Madison, WI – Is there a second life for retired power plants? For the latest episode of the Electric Wire podcast, we joined Dan Schooff, currently the Chief of Staff and Secretary at Beloit College, and a former Beloit-area legislator and WI Department of Administration Secretary, to tour the Beloit College Powerhouse on the banks of the Rock River to see the transformation that has taken place there.

The Beloit College Powerhouse was originally a coal plant built in the early 1900’s, and was recently reimagined as a student center for the college. Dan led the efforts on this massive undertaking, and in our interview, he shares more about preserving and restoring the historic power plant, and the core mission of sustainability that drove efforts to use geothermal heating and cooling on this award-winning structure.

Listen to the Electric Wire, Episode 18, “New Energy for an Old Coal Plant: Beloit College Powerhouse Tour and Interview with Dan Schooff” here: