New Podcast Episode: Energy Assistance During the Pandemic

Madison, WI – The latest episode of the Electric Wire Podcast will help listeners better understand how energy assistance is administered, how pandemic-related funding is being distributed, and what resources are available to in-need households as Wisconsin’s moratorium on disconnecting electric customers for non-payment comes to an end on April 15. The Electric Wire Podcast is a production of the Customers First! Coalition, an organization dedicated to preserving Wisconsin’s affordable and reliable electricity.

This episode’s guests include:

  • Barb Klug, Home Energy Plus Bureau Director; Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources, Wisconsin Department of Administration
  • Kristy Nieto, Administrator, Division of Digital Access, Consumer and Environmental Affairs, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

The episode addresses the following questions:

  • What energy assistance funding has come from the federal government since the beginning of the pandemic and how is Wisconsin administering programs to distribute this assistance?
  • What is a first step for a customer who is behind on their bill? Who should they reach out to first and how do they know what they are eligible for?
  • What role does the PSC play in helping customers stay on track with paying their bills and settling any disputes with utilities?
  • What are some common questions from legislative offices as they try to connect their constituents with resources?

The podcast also includes helpful resources for connecting in-need customers with bill-payment assistance as the disconnection moratorium for non-payment comes to an end.

Listen to the full episode by downloading or subscribing to the Electric Wire on all podcast channels, or listen at the Customers First! Coalition YouTube channel, here: