New Podcast Episode: Hot Take: Community Solar

Madison, WI – The latest episode of the Electric Wire podcast is a “hot take” episode, where we’ve conducted four separate mini-interviews, about 5-6 minutes each, to talk about community solar in Wisconsin.

Back in 2017, the Customers First! Coalition put together a whitepaper about the community solar projects and models that fit within the regulatory structure here in Wisconsin. In this podcast episode, we’ll follow up on some of those innovative projects mentioned in the whitepaper.

Our guests include:

  • Commissioner Ellen Nowak, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (Interview begins at ~2:45)
  • Deb Erwin, Manager of Regulatory Policy, Xcel Energy (11:00)
  • Lynn Thompson, President and CEO, Eau Claire Energy Cooperative (17:50)
  • Cheri Salmon, Manager of New Products and Services, Madison Gas and Electric (23:30)

Links mentioned in Episode

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