New Podcast Episode: Regulation, Reliability…and Texas

Madison, WI – Widespread power outages and skyrocketing customer bills due to a frigid February freeze in Texas are raising questions about the way the state regulates power providers.

We brought in a panel of experts to weigh in on questions about regulation, reliability, and what went wrong in Texas.

Our panel includes:

  • John Carr, Vice President – Power Supply, Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • Paul Griffin, Executive Director, Energy Fairness
  • Kira Loehr, Partner, Perkins Coie

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We’ll address the following questions in this roundtable discussion:

  • What is the role energy choice played in the Texas system outages?
  • How can we prevent this type of massive, prolonged power outage from happening here?
  • Are grid updates needed to prepare for more extreme weather events?
  • Was any generation source the clear winner or loser coming out of this situation?

Links Referenced in Podcast

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