Madison, WI – The Electric Wire podcast, a production of the Customers First! Coalition, debuted in February 2020 as a way to keep listeners informed on Wisconsin energy and utility issues, and we thought it was time to take a look back on some of our favorite moments from the past year and a half of the Electric Wire!

Matt Spencer, Government Affairs Manager, Madison Gas and Electric, joins Kristin Gilkes, Executive Director, Customers First! Coalition, to co-host a countdown of Ten Powerful Moments, and one honorable mention, from the Electric Wire.

Themes from these top moments include bringing stakeholders together to tackle big issues in the industry; protecting all utility customers; and visualizing the new energy innovations that are propelling the clean energy transition forward.

Listen to the Electric Wire, Episode 14 -Ten Powerful Moments on the Electric Wire, wherever you listen to podcasts, or on YouTube here: