October 2020 Webinar Series: Building Toward Zero Carbon with Grid Flexibility

Building Toward Zero Carbon with Grid Flexibility
October 14, 2020 – 11 am
What building technologies are going to be needed to propel us toward state and utility goals of net zero carbon by 2050? We will focus on grid-interactive efficient buildings and highlight specific emerging technologies that will both provide flexibility on the demand side and engage customers more with their utilities. Learn how homes and businesses will serve as a significant asset to the grid of the future.


Welcome – Tyler Huebner, Commissioner, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin


  • Scott Hackel, Director of Research and Innovation, Slipstream
  • Phil Markham, Smart Buildings R&D Manager, Southern Company
  • Rois Langner, Senior Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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The Customers First! Coalition is an alliance of Wisconsin electricity providers, consumer organizations, and utility workers that work together to preserve Wisconsin’s reliable and affordable electricity. Slipstream is a mission-driven nonprofit that inspires new solutions to big energy challenges by empowering more people to adopt new practices and technologies. Our organizations are collaborating to host a series of three energy webinars to help educate and facilitate conversation among Wisconsin energy stakeholders.