About Us

Customers First Coalition

The Customers First Coalition is an alliance of consumer organizations, municipal electric utilities, rural electric cooperatives, wholesale electric suppliers, an investor owned utility, renewable energy advocates, and utility workers.

We advocate for policies that:

  • Protect the interests of Wisconsin electric customers of all sizes
  • Prioritize and safeguard energy reliability
  • Provide access to affordable electric service at stable prices over the long term
  • Ensure any restructuring of the electric utility industry benefits electric consumers


Take a look into our journey.

The Customers First Coalition (CFC) formed in the late 1990s as a result of the debate about restructuring, or deregulation, of the state’s electric utility industry.

Energy stakeholders in Wisconsin including electricity providers, residential, farm, and small business customers, low-income residents, utility workers and environmental advocates, shared concerns with radically moving from a regulated utility system to one that would make electricity in Wisconsin more expensive and less reliable. These groups formed the CFC to advocate for policies that put the needs of Wisconsin customers first and protect the state’s historically safe, affordable, and reliable electricity.

Through the efforts of the CFC and many other groups, Wisconsin avoided the perils of deregulation that has plagued other states. Instead, our lawmakers enacted bipartisan policies that generated substantial investment in the state’s economy and jobs, greatly improved electric reliability, strengthened energy conservation and efficiency, and diversified our electricity supply while preserving a system of checks and balances that protect Wisconsin customers.

The CFC continues to advocate for an efficient and effective regulatory environment that provides safe and reliable electricity at fair and reasonable rates for all customers.